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Should I put all my clients in one copy of Cascade?

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One early question when setting out with Cascade is how to store the themes for different groups of people.

Some coaches use a new copy of Cascade for each organisation. Apart from creating lots of Cascade files, this can get messy when there is a software update. We recommend where possible to store all your clients or staff in one copy of Cascade.

1 Define the Groups for Clients

The Theme Table page has four columns (A-D) on the left to categorise your clients. You can rename the headings and use the columns to suit your client base or company. Think about how you want to group your clients together when creating reports. You can use the organisation name, the team, department, cohort, location or the workshop session etc.

See the Theme Table page for more information.

Cascade clients Theme Table

2 Select the Group for the Reports

After adding the categories for the people in the Theme Table, use the Team Grid to select the team or group.

The selection of people in the Team Grid defines who will be included in all the other reports in Cascade.

In the Team Grid at row 10, there are drop-down options for each of the headings. Untick the Select All box, then tick the groups you want to include.

CliftonStrengths Team Grid select team for report in Cascade

On a Mac, the selection panel looks slightly different where the principle is the same.

You can make selections in several different columns to refine the list of people.

To reset all the selections, use the Clear Filters button in the panel at the top of the Team Grid.

Cascade Team Grid buttons
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