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How can I save a report as a PDF?

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Creating a PDF of a Cascade report provides a more permanent resource for your client. You can email the PDF file to your client to save printing.

There are two main parts to create PDFs, preparing Cascade on your computer which you just need to do once and the creation of the PDFs.

Preparing Cascade and your Computer for PDFs

Creating PDFs requires Cascade to work closely with your computer’s operating system. This varies a lot between the different versions of Windows and Mac computers.

1. From the Cascade Menu, click on the Settings tab.

Cascade PDF Menu settings

2. Click on Insert Path to enter or update the destination folder for the PDF files.
In Windows, this is the current folder for the Cascade file.
On a Mac, this is a set folder in the Library area.

3. Click on Test Path to check the PDF creation process.

See the extra requirements for Mac computers.

Creating Individual PDF Reports

Cascade PDF icon

The pages in Cascade have an icon to create a PDF file of the report.

Clicking on the PDF button will create a PDF of the report in the Folder Path. The filename is the name of the person or the team for a team report, followed by the name of the report.

You can also print a report directly from the Menu. Check first that the report has the options you want and is set for the right number of themes.

Additional Information

Additional articles to help with creating PDF reports in Cascade.

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