How can I save a report as a PDF?

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There are a few ways to save a report as a PDF and these differ for Windows and Mac computers. Once a report is saved, you can then email it to your client.

Choose the report you want to turn into a PDF.

Windows – Click on File, then Save As and browse to the folder location for saving the file. In the Save as Type, select PDF (*.PDF) and name the file for the person/report.

Mac with Office 2011 – Click on File, then Save As and select PDF for the file Format. Choose the option for Worksheet, not Workbook. 

Mac with Office 2016 – Click on File, then Print. In the bottom left corner select PDF. Make sure the Print setting is for Active Sheets, not Active Workbook.

If you have the Bonus Pack, you can create individual PDFs for a whole team with just a few clicks.

Print to PDF

Some computer installations, both Windows and Mac, may have a Print to PDF feature. It can come with the operating system or is a third-party utility. (Print to PDF, PDF Converter, Wondershare are a few examples). Here you can set the utility as the default printer, then print your Cascade reports in the normal way. The print utility captures the page and saves it to a PDF.

Note: This feature or any third-party utility is outside of Cascade and we are not able to provide technical support. You will need to be self-sufficient to use this method.