Do I need to pay Sales Tax or VAT?

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Releasing Strengths Ltd is a registered company in the UK which is also registered for VAT (Value Added Tax). Some countries refer to VAT as Sales Tax.

No Tax for Countries outside the European Union

Customers in countries outside the European Union do not need to pay VAT or Sales Tax on our goods and services. It is the responsibility of the buyer to follow the internal procedures for your country.

UK and EU Member States

Customers in the European Member States need to pay VAT at the UK rate of 20% (see Note). This also includes the UK.

If you have a valid VAT Registration Number there is no VAT to pay. Enter your VAT Registration Number at the Checkout to remove the VAT charge.

Those without a VAT Registration number will need to pay the VAT for our products and services.

We provide a full VAT invoice with the delivery of our products.

Note: From January 1st 2019, the VAT rate now relates to the location of the seller, not the buyer.

What are coaches saying about Cascade?
Best tool for Team Strengths  

Cascade has greatly enhanced the work I do at a team level. The reports look amazing and resonate with both the analytically minded and those who want the qualitative info. It saves so much time and provides great insights for our teams. Thank you!

Brilliant Strengths-Based Tool  

Cascade is a brilliant strengths-based tool that helps me champion strengths to large organizations, teams, and individual clients. The Team Summary snapshot report is one of my favorites, especially for large organizations and how it captures the strengths data visually. The Personal Insights one sheet is also invaluable to help speed up learning in my workshops. Most of all, Richard Sterry has demonstrated over the top customer support, responsiveness to my questions, and continuous improvement to the Cascade tool.

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