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Create Reports for a Whole Team

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Multiple Cascade strengths reports to PDF team

In a workshop, you may want to create the individual reports for each person. To save printing the reports one at a time, you can print them in one action for the whole team. You can also create a batch of PDFs at the same time then zip them up to sent to your customer for printing.

The Menu has an option at the top to print the reports individually or for the whole team. It greys out the person’s name and it shows the number of people in the Team Grid.

Cascade menu print whole team reports

Step by Step Guide

Follow these steps to create individual reports for each person in your workshop.

1 Select the people for your workshop in the Team Grid.

2 Set up the personal reports with the settings you want. For example, the number of themes to show and any special configuration for the Name Tents.

3 In the Menu, select Whole Team. The heading in the green section changes slightly and it shows how many people are in the team.

4 Using the buttons on the Menu, click on the Print or PDF icons next to the reports you want to create.

Advanced Option – Change the Sort Order

Here’s a tip to help you with a large workshop or training session.

The reports will be printed by name in alphabetical order. Sometimes you may want a different order if you have divided people into groups or tables. This will save fumbling around with lots of pieces of paper, dividing them up for those on each table.

Using the Theme Table, sort the people into the order you want with the AZ sort buttons. You can use one of the category columns (A-D) to enter the table number or team name for sorting. Ensure the people are visible in the Team Grid by the order you want to print out the reports.

In the Menu, go to the Settings section. For Multiple Report Order, set it to Team Grid Order. This will print out the reports in the order of the names in the Team Grid. You will need to visit the Team Grid to activate the order chosen.

This will also change the order of the names in the drop-down lists for the report pages.

Finding your PDF Files on a Mac

On a Mac, the PDF files are tucked away. See the article on Finding your PDF Files for help.

Option for Windows Computers

There are a few subtle differences for those using Windows. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to replicate these for the Mac.

When the Print Preview is set to On, Cascade will pause each time it is about to print a page. To save you having to repeatedly confirm each print, you may want to turn the Print Preview Off.

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