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PDF reports spill onto 2 pages

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PDF 2 pages

Do some PDF reports spill onto two pages? For example, the Personal Insights or the Strengths Advantage reports?

A recent Microsoft update is causing a formatting error when creating some PDF reports in Cascade. The pages appear in Portrait orientation when they should be Landscape. This is affecting Cascade users with Macs running Microsoft 365 and Office 2019. The update causing the problems is version 16.64.

As far as we know, Windows computers are not affected.

Update: 12th September 2022

The issue has been resolved, and you can get the fix simply by quitting Excel and then starting it again.
Be sure to quit Excel completely and restart the app; you may need to do this twice to ensure that Excel is configured correctly.

How to check your version of Microsoft Office

To check your version, open Cascade or Excel. From the menu at the very top of the screen, click on Excel then select About Microsoft Excel.

Check the version number. The PDF issue affects version 16.64.

What is the workaround?

Remember; just the Cascade reports in Landscape orientation are affected. The Brings & Needs and the My Domain reports are OK.

The problem only occurs when creating PDF reports using the red PDF buttons in Cascade. Printing reports is OK. You can also use the manual print to PDF feature.

Another option is to ask a friend with a Windows computer to create the reports. If you need more help, please contact us.

How to create PDF reports manually

Prepare your report to print, then select File then Print… or press Command + P

File Print

At the bottom, select Save as PDF.

File Print to PDF

In the Save As box, enter the filename for the PDF report. Then click on Save.

Print to PDF

The PDF is saved to the folder containing Cascade. It will not go to the usual place in the Library area of your computer.

Can I do anything to help fix this?

Yes. This is an issue created by a Microsoft update and we need them to fix it. We can’t fix this ourselves, despite spending hours trying. Naturally, we are using the official channels for reporting issue, and there is something where you can help.

In Cascade, or Excel, use the top Menu and choose Help, then select Feedback.

Excel Help Feedback

Select I don’t like something.

Microsoft feedback
Excel Feedback

The message – in your own words – needs to say there is a problem with the 16.64 update. Any macros creating PDF files default to portrait orientation and it is not possible to create a PDF in Landscape mode. The macros use the vba commands to set the page orientation. Since the 16.64 update, the vba commands have no affect.

Thank you for your assistance.

What are Releasing Strengths and Gallup doing about this?

Many coaches depend on the Cascade reports for their workshops, especially those running their own business. The manual workaround is very tedious for large teams and we want to resolve this as soon as possible.

We are working together to provide you with as much information as possible, and contacting Microsoft for a fix.

Thank you for your patience. If you need more help, please contact us.

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