Creating PDFs with Mac Mojave

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The Mojave release of Mac version 10.14 has few extra security features which affect Cascade. Creating PDF files requires the granting of permission for Excel to write to the relevant folders.

Here are the workaround steps for Cascade version 2.0r02. The next release of Cascade will incorporate a simpler solution.

Set up the folder to save the PDFs

Identify the base folder for the saving of PDF files. You only need to do this part once.

  1. In the Select Name page, click on Insert Path to set the default path.
  2. Click on Test Path and it will probably show a Print Error or error 1004.
    It is able to create the Cascade folder but due to the lack of permissions it not able to open it.
  3. Close the error message to return to the Select Name page.
  4. Highlight and Copy the full path in the yellow box.
  5. Open Finder, select Go from the top menu and click on Go to Folder.
  6. Paste the path into the box.
    You will see the Cascade folder in Finder but again due to the permissions will not be able to open it.

Grant Permission to the Folder

With Mac Mojave, each folder must have permissions set for Excel (Cascade) to create files.

  1. In Finder, Right Click on the Cascade folder and select Get Info.
  2. At the bottom of the new window are the Sharing & Permissions settings. Next to your username, click on the word Custom.
  3. In the small box, select Read & Write.
  4. In the Select Name page for Cascade, click on Test Path and it should return the Success message.
Cascade folder get info mac mojave
Cascade mac mojave security permissions

Create Multiple PDFs

You are now ready to create multiple PDFs.

  1. Select the relevant people in the Team Grid.
  2. In the Select Name page, click on All to PDF for the desired report.
  3. When asked for a subfolder, leave this blank.
    Entering a subfolder will create a new folder but Cascade will not have permission to write to it. You will then see Error 1004 or Error 75.
  4. You may see a message to Grant File Access, see the section below for instructions.
  5. The PDF reports will appear in the Cascade folder.

Use a SubFolder for the PDFs?

We recommend you use the same folder each time when initially creating your PDF files. This can be the root /cascade/ folder. When complete, you can then move the PDFs to your customer folder leaving the /cascade/ folder empty. This saves granting permissions to every new folder.

If you do want Cascade to place the PDFs in a subfolder, the folder name needs to be added to the end of the Path.

  1. Add the folder name to the Path. For example, /cascade/customer1 reports/
    Avoid special characters such as !ӣ$%^&*()<>?
  2. Click on Test Path to create the folder where it will show error 1004.
  3. Follow the process above to Grant Permission to the Folder.
  4. Follow the steps in Create Multiple PDFs.

Grant File Access for Excel

Mojave grant file access cascade

You may see a message asking for Excel to have access to the folder.

Grant access Excel Cascade

Click on Select then Grant Access for Microsoft Excel.

You should only need to do this part once.


In the next version of Cascade, we will reduce the number of steps to make it easier to create PDFs.


Microsoft Office version

According to Microsoft, Mac Mojave needs Office version 16.16.2 or above to function properly. This is Office 2019.

More details are on this Microsoft article