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Paper Size – A4 or Letter

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The reports in Cascade are designed to fit on both A4 and Letter (11 x 8.5) size paper.

When preparing Cascade for people in the US or Canada, it uses Letter size paper. For all other countries, Cascade set the paper size to A4.

It possible in the Printer Settings to change the paper size. However, this needs to be performed for each report in Cascade.

To globally change the paper size in Cascade, head to the Modules section from the Menu. Enter the Maintenance Code of A4 or Letter, then click on the Go button. The process takes a few moments and will update each report for your chosen size of paper.

Go Big

One advantage of the A4 setting is that you don’t need to stick to A4 paper. It can scale upwards to A3 or A2. See how an A2 report can make a big impact at your workshop in the March 2018 Cascade Connection.

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