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What are coaches saying about Cascade?
Empowers my clients to go deeper into strengths  

The leadership and intact teams I work with absolutely love the Team Summary page of Cascade! I love that it gives teams a great visual and a starting point for analysis and interpretation of what the team brings and needs. It’s a great jumping off point for valuable conversations and discussions. Additionally, I’ve referred numerous clients to Cascade so they can take ownership of their results and have incredible tools at their fingertips! This not only saves me time from re-running strengths grids when team members change, but more importantly, it empowers my clients to go deeper into strengths and that’s what it’s all about!

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No more cumbersome preparation  

From the moment our company started using Cascade, our workshop preparations went from being a cumbersome preparation process to one of ease! At Prism we take pride in providing our workshop participants and coaching clients with quality tools that they can use to become better versions of themselves.

Cascade has given me the opportunity to stop working in the business and start working on the business. I use all elements of the tool, however my faves include the Team Spark, Summary, Personal Insights, Name Tents and tags [Labels]. If you work with Strengths in any part of your business…you NEED Cascade!

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