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How to Download Cascade and get the Latest Version

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To download Cascade or update it to the latest version, download a new file from Gallup Access. You need the Subscription level of Access and it is in the CliftonStrengths > Resources section.

Download Gallup Cascade

If you can’t see the Cascade download button in Access, contact Gallup at to check your Access subscription status.

Although Releasing Strengths created Cascade, the development and support for Cascade is now provided by Gallup.

Save the New Cascade File

Often, the downloaded file is saved in the Download folder which is not a good place to keep Cascade. It is much better to save the Cascade file to your Documents folder or a cloud storage area such as DropBox, iCloud or OneDrive.

Make sure you have a backup process to recover your files if a disaster strikes.

Update Cascade Excel File Save As

Save your Cascade file to a working folder by clicking on File, Save As, then select a folder where you keep your important documents.

Click on Enable Macros when Cascade opens. See How to Enable Macros.

Transfer your Client information to the new version

Where possible, it is best to maintain one copy of Cascade that contains all your clients. After downloading the latest version, transfer the clients in your previous copy of Cascade to your new version.

In the new copy of Cascade, move to the Theme Table and click on Import Themes.

The browser window appears where you need to select your previous Cascade file. Follow the prompts where it will pull in your client or staff names and themes. There is a counter in the bottom left corner indicating the progress of the import.

Need Help to Download Cascade?

For help and support to update Cascade, contact Gallup. Either use the Chat feature in Access, or email the Customer Support Team at

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