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How can I Update Cascade to the Latest Version?

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Cascade is constantly evolving with new features and reports. It is worth keeping up to date with the latest version to benefit from any bug fixes and enhancements. You can hear about the new features in the Cascade Connection newsletter or refer to the Change Log.

The version of your Cascade file is visible at the top of the Menu screen. It looks something like 2.0r05h.

How do I Upgrade to the Latest Version?

Software updates are free for the first 12 months after purchasing Cascade. At the end of this time, you can renew your support to receive further updates.

1 Check for the latest version of Cascade

Compare your version of Cascade with the latest version available.

  • Your version of Cascade visible is at the top of the Menu screen.
  • The latest version of Cascade is shown in the Change Log. It is currently 2.0r05h, released in May 2022.

The Change Log also shows the differences between versions.

2 Download the Latest Version

In the Modules section of the Cascade Menu, click on the Download button.

Update Cascade to latest version

3 Open the New Cascade File

There’s a slight difference between Windows and Mac computers.


At the prompt, click on OK to open the file.
Click on Enable Macros.

Cascade download file

Click on the Cascade file in the bottom left of the screen.

Click on Enable Macros when Cascade opens.

4 Save the New Cascade File

Often, the downloaded file is saved in the Download folder. This is not a good place to keep Cascade. It is much better to save it to your Documents folder or a cloud storage area such as DropBox, iCloud or OneDrive.

Make sure you have a backup process to recover your files if a disaster strikes.

Excel File Save As

Save your Cascade file to a working folder by clicking on File, Save As, then select a folder where you keep your important documents.

5 Transfer your Client information to the new version

In Cascade, move to the Theme Table and click on Import Themes.

The browser window appears where you need to select your previous Cascade file. Follow the prompts where it will pull in your client or staff names and themes. There is a counter in the bottom left corner indicating the progress of the import.

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