How can I Export themes from the Gallup Strengths Center?

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Exporting client or staff themes from the Gallup’s Strengths Center is the easiest way to get the information into Cascade. It will save a lot of time and requires their codes to be managed through your Gallup’s Strengths Center account.

Purchasing the CliftonStrengths codes in the Gallup Strengths Center enables you to see the results on completion of the assessment. You can export the results which can then be imported into Cascade. This is by far the most accurate and easiest way to import information for several clients and will save a lot of typing. There are two parts to transferring the information.

  • Export the file from the Gallup Strengths Center
  • Import the information into Cascade

Create the Export file from the Gallup Strengths Center

  1. Login to
  2. Under My Account, select Code Management.

    strengthsfinder code management Gallup strengths center Cascade
  3. If given the option, choose Clifton Strengths.
  4. Select the name of the group to import to Cascade.
  5. Click on Export Strengths and save the Excel spreadsheet to your computer.
    Gallup export strengths themes excel spreadsheet cascade
  6. The spreadsheet will look something like this.
    Gallup strengths theme export file excel spreadsheet cascade

Import the file into Cascade

In the Theme Table for Cascade, click on the Import Theme button and select the export file.

During the import process, it checks the Theme Table for duplicates to reduce the repetition of names. It then runs the Reset Formatting process to clean up the page and asks if you want to run the Refresh Page process on the Team Grid.

Need help getting the theme information from Gallup Access? Click here for info.