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How many clients can Cascade hold?

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As Cascade runs on Excel, its storage capacity is governed by the number of rows containing the formulae. The standard version of Cascade holds up to 500 clients. The Go-Large module increases this to 2000 clients.

It is possible to add or remove clients as you go, as long as you don’t exceed the overall capacity. We use the term clients, which could equally apply to staff or students depending on your environment.

You can either buy the Go-Large module at the time of purchase or get it at a later date. There is a slight saving when you purchase it at the outset with Cascade.

The concept is to store all your clients in the one copy of Cascade. This enables you to try out different team arrangements and search across your whole client list.

If you need a capacity greater than 2000, you can create another copy of Cascade under the same license.

What are coaches saying about Cascade?
Amazing Investment  

As a coach, Cascade saves me tremendous time and allows me to create extremely professional binders for attendees. Best yet, support is proactive, helpful, and consistent with new releases. Absolutely delivers very high value.

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Super Support Tool  

I’m so appreciative of your work and efforts to provide coaches with such a valuable tool-set to help us all individually and collectively better understand and develop our natural talents into strengths.

You’ve taken so much of the leg work out of preparing the various tool options in Cascade for us that support this, and the fact that you are continually upgrading, adding new features, and staying in pace with Gallup changes (e.g. Domain color changes, etc.) is truly a welcomed service.

On behalf of my fellow coaches, I’m grateful to you for your excellent work.


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