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How can I email people with a certain theme?

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Emailing a group of people who have the same dominant theme is very straightforward in Cascade. This is particularly useful if you want to promote an article or webinar discussing a specific theme.

Firstly, make sure you have their email addresses in column ‘I’ in the Theme Table.

  1. In the Team Grid, below the name of your chosen theme, click on the arrow to reveal the filter options.
  2. Click on the filter options for the chosen theme and untick Blanks to only show people with that theme.
  3. Highlight and Copy (Ctrl+C) all the email addresses in column C.
  4. In your email Paste (Ctrl+V) the addresses into the To: or Bcc: section.
  5. Write your email and send it to your selected audience.

Those with a Mac can use Command+C and Command+V to Copy and Paste the email addresses.

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