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How can I Export themes from Gallup Access into Cascade?

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Gallup Access is the central platform for the CliftonStrengths® assessment results. There are two levels, a free option, and a subscription level. Both options have a feature to export the themes for Cascade. As the export process is slightly different for each level, we explain them both here.

There are two steps to transfer client themes from Gallup Access to Cascade, which does not involve any copying or pasting.

  1. Export the themes from Gallup Access to a file.
  2. Import the file of themes to Cascade.

Export the themes from the Subscription level of Gallup access.

1 Export Themes from Gallup Access (Free version)

This part is for the Free version of Gallup Access. Those with the Subscription level for Gallup Access can export the results for a whole team in one action. Find out how.

Follow the steps below or watch the video guide here.

1 After logging into Access, use the Menu to get to the Strengths section and choose the Community tab.

2 Click on Export Strengths and select the people to export.

Gallup Access Export themes to Cascade Strengths

Tip: When selecting a large number of people, you may find it easier to change from Grid view to List view. You can also increase the number of people shown on each page with the setting at the bottom.

Gallup Access Export Download

3 After selecting the relevant people, click on the Download button at the bottom.

Gallup Access Export

4 A window will appear where you can view selected users. Click on Export and choose the folder location to save the spreadsheet file. Note the location as you will need to find the file during the Cascade Import process.

2 Import the File of Themes into Cascade

To save any copying and pasting, there is a handy Import button in Cascade to collect the themes from a Gallup export file (or a previous version of Cascade). As there are several different file layouts from the Gallup portals, the Cascade Import process recognises the layout to align the columns correctly.

1 Head to the Theme Table in Cascade which stores the themes for all your clients of staff.

import strengths finder themes to Cascade

2 Click on the Import Themes button then locate the file saved from the Access export. It may be in your Downloads folder.

3 The Export file will open and click on Yes to import the people in the file.

4 There is an option to check for duplicate names. This saves importing the themes for someone who is already in the Theme Table.
Tip: Any duplicate names in the Theme Table are shown in red for easy identification.

5 Cascade will import the people into the Theme Table and you can see the progress in the bottom left corner.

6 At the end of the import, Cascade will ask you if you want to run the Refresh Page in the Team Grid. This will expand the Team Grid to accommodate the additional people in the Theme Table. It is advisable to say Yes.

After Import

After you have completed the import, use the blue columns (A-D) on the left of the Theme Table to identify groups for each person, such as team name, organisation or department. This information can be used to select the people in the Team Grid.

Now you have added more people to Cascade, save the file before you exit.

Exporting Themes from the Subscription level of Gallup Access.

As Cascade is now part of Gallup Access, you can simply view a team in the Team section of Access and download a copy of Cascade containing the members of the team. This requires the Subscription level of Gallup Access.

If you use a master Cascade file, go to the Theme Table and click on the Import Themes button (explained above) to pull in the details from the downloaded copy of Cascade.

In the Subscription level, it is still possible to manually export the themes for the people in a team. Follow the steps very carefully as it is easy to head down the wrong path.

1 After logging into Access, use the Menu to get to the CliftonStrengths® section then click on the Team tab. It will show the teams you have created.

Gallup Access Team Export

2 Click on View Team for the team you want to export the themes.

Strengths Finder View Team

3 Click on the Team Reporting tab to show the Gallup Team Grid.
Note: the menu defaults to Team Summary where it is important to select Team Reporting.

CliftonStrengths Subscription Team Reporting

4 Tick the 4 boxes to include all the 34 themes.

Gallup Access export themes from subscription

5 On the right, click on Export Options and select Export Strengths to Spreadsheet.

Gallup Access Export Strengths to Spreadsheet

It will then create and open a spreadsheet with the themes for the team. Depending on your computer settings, the file will probably save in the Downloads folder. The name of the file is the name of the team followed by the current date.

Gallup Access themes export spreadsheet for Cascade

Once you have the Export file, you can follow the Import process to pull the themes into Cascade.

Other Options

Occasionally, it may not be possible to export the CliftonStrengths themes and you just have a copy of the reports or a Team Grid. To save you manually entering the themes into Cascade, there are some options to help.

We have a facility to read the PDF of a Team Grid and create the data ready for Cascade. We can also read pretty much any Gallup report to extract the themes in order, ready to import into Cascade. These save a huge amount of time and boredom by manually inputting the themes. They are also more accurate than manual methods. Contact us for more information about this service.

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