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What does VBA Error Mean?

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Very occasionally you may experience an error message in Cascade. Sometimes there is a quirk with a specific version of Windows / Mac or MS Office which causes an error.

Here we describe specific VBA error numbers to help identify the cause of the issue.

Error 75

Error 75 occurs when Cascade cannot access the destination folder to create a PDF file. This can occur when saving files across a network or on a Mac.

On a Mac. check the Folder Path in the Settings is
/Users/username/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Cascade/
The username will be your own login name.

Check the folder permissions in the section above, Grant Permissions to Folder.

Check the file access in the section above, Grant File Access for Excel.

Check your version of Cascade on the Menu. Version 2.0r03e fixed an issue with Error 75 which occurred on a small number of computers with Mac Mojave. Contact us if you have an earlier version.

Error 76

Error 76 occurs when Cascade cannot find the starting point for the folder path. It could be a drive mapping, a reference to a web folder or when the folder path is completely wrong.

Try clicking on Insert Path in the Setting page to update the Folder Path.

If you are using Cascade on a network, try moving it to your local drive.

Error 1004

Error 1004 can occur when the code in Cascade is not compatible with your version of MS Office. Cascade needs Office 2016 or above to run smoothly. Some necessary procedures use commands which are not supported in Office 2011 or 2013.

It is best to upgrade to a current version of Microsoft Office.

Error 1004 can also relate to Cascade not being able to create a PDF file in the destination. It could be due to the use of special characters or the length of the full folder path and file name.

Check that there are no special characters such as !ӣ$%^&*()<>? in the Folder Path and the name of the person for the PDF.

Need more Help?

If you need assistance contact Gallup Customer Support on Describe as best as possible what is happening along with any error messages. Screenshots showing the full error details are helpful.
For the quickest response, log in to Gallup Access and use the Chat feature. The telephone support is another way to quickly resolve an issue.

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