Is there a quicker way to enter client themes?

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To enter client themes into Cascade, there are several options. They depend on how your client received their CSF code and what information is currently available.

Gallup Strengths Center

If you supplied the CSF codes via the Gallup Strengths Center, you can create an export file to paste into Cascade.
See How can I import themes from the Gallup Strengths Center?

Gallup Access

If you use Gallup Access, we can help you extract the themes from a PDF of the Team Grid. Send us a PDF of the Team Grid and we can return a small spreadsheet of theme, ready to paste into Cascade.
See Team Grid Export

Gallup Reports

Alternatively, you can send us PDFs of your client’s Gallup reports. We can create a small file with the themes to paste into Cascade.
See PDF Export Themes

Manually Enter Client Themes

As a last resort or if there are just a few themes to enter, use the drop-down lists to select the themes you need. When typing a theme name, please note that the spelling must be exact. For example, the theme of Self-Assurance must include the hyphen and no spaces should exist at the end of the names.