How can I Enter Themes into Cascade?

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The Theme Table is the central store in Cascade for the people and their CliftonStrengths themes. After you enter themes in the Theme Table, you can create the reports within Cascade.

There are several ways to enter client themes into Cascade where the easiest is to import them from an export file from one of Gallup’s portals. The new Import feature in Cascade’s Theme Table can insert the theme information from a range of export files.

import enter themes gallup access clifton strengths cascade

Head to the relevant section for the portal you use to administer the CliftonStrengths assessment codes.

Gallup Strengths Center

Supplying assessment codes via the Gallup Strengths Center enables you to create an export file in Excel or csv format. Select the export file during the import process to pull the themes into Cascade.
See How can I import themes from the Gallup Strengths Center?

Clifton Strengths for Students

Use the export file from the Gallup portal to import into Cascade. The import process recognises the slightly different layout of the csv file so the columns end up in the right place.

Gallup Corporate Portal

The export file from My Gallup is again slightly different in layout. However Cascade’s import process recognises this to populate the Theme Table with the staff names and themes.

Gallup Access

Gallup Access export team grid PDF Cascade spreadsheet

Gallup continues to develop its Access platform and plans to migrate accounts from the Gallup Strengths Center in August 2019. An export feature is due later in 2019. We will update Cascade’s import process when we know the layout of the export file.

In the meantime, we can help you extract the themes from a PDF of the Team Grid. Send us a PDF of the Team Grid and we return a small spreadsheet of theme, ready to import into Cascade.
See Team Grid Export for more information.

Assessment Codes in Gallup Books

The assessment codes from the various Gallup books are not linked to a specific portal. It is therefore not possible to export their results in an Excel format. The next best option is to use the PDF Reports.

Gallup PDF Reports

Gallup PDF report export themes spreadsheet

Alternatively, you can send us a batch of PDFs of your client’s Gallup reports. We can create a small file with the themes to import into Cascade.
See PDF Export Themes for further information.

Manually Enter Client Themes

As a last resort or if there are just a few themes to enter, use the drop-down lists to select the themes you need. When typing a theme name, please note that the spelling must be exact. For example, the theme of Self-Assurance must include the hyphen and no spaces should exist at the end of the theme names.

Other Formats?

We are pretty adept in manipulating data to obtain a usable format for Cascade. Please contact us with the information you have available so we can let you know what is possible.