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Combine Reports into One PDF

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There may be times when you want to combine reports for one person into a single PDF. This provides just one file to pass on to your client. It also makes it easier for your client as they have everything in a single document.

Cascade is designed to print one report at a time or one report for a whole team. However, it is possible with a little finger work to collate several reports for one person into a single PDF.

  1. Prepare the reports for the relevant person.
    Select their name in the Menu so the Individual reports adjust for that person.
  2. Click on the tab for the first report.
  3. Hold down Ctrl (Command on Mac) and click on the tabs for the other reports. This will highlight the chosen tabs.
  4. Use File, Save As, choose a folder and enter a filename. Set the Save as Type to be PDF, then click on Save.

The PDF file will then contain several pages for the reports you chose.

A popular choice is to combine the Personal Insights, the Bring & Need and the My 34 reports for a person.

Cascade strengths reports save as PDF

When working with a large team, it may be easier to create separate reports for the whole team with the automated options in Cascade. See Print Reports for a Whole Team.

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