Cascade Concepts

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To help you understand how Cascade works, we describe here the importance of the first two pages.

You can navigate between the pages using the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Starting Pages

There are two really important pages in Cascade, the Theme Table and the Team Grid. All the other pages and reports hang off these two pages.

Cascade strengthsfinder themes data entry excel copy paste Gallup Strengths Center

The Theme Table is the central collection of all your clients or staff with their themes. It doesn’t need to look pretty as it is just the central repository for all your information.

team grid strengthsfinder strength theme domain cascade


The Team Grid refers to the Theme Table to display the group or team you want to work with.


All the other reports, look to the Team Grid to know who to include. The team reports reflect the names on the Team Grid. The individual reports include the names on the Team Grid for the drop-down lists.

Note: When adding a new person, make sure you can see them in the Team Grid before looking for them for an individual report.

Individual Reports

The other page of importance is the Select Name page. This is a control panel for the individual reports to select or print multiple reports.

In each of the individual reports, use the yellow box to select the name of a person for the report. Remember, the drop-down list only contains the names of the people visible in the Team Grid.

Strengths reports excel spreadsheet cascade strengthsfinder themes