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Can I add my logo to the reports?

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Add a personal touch to the reports with your logo. Many of the reports support the addition of images where there is extra space at the top.

Depending on your version of Excel, click on Insert, Illustration (Pictures) then select the image from a file. Resize the image and move it to a suitable space. On the Name Tents, rotate the image to align with the text direction of the themes.

Some pages in Cascade do not have the option to add logos, such as the Team Summary. This is to provide stability for the pages with lots of graphics or charts.

Team Grid

Adding your logo to the Team Grid is slightly different as all the images and buttons are locked to maintain the page stability. However, you can replace the Cascade logo with your own.

  1. Right click on the Cascade image.
  2. Select Change Picture, From a File…
  3. Browse to locate your logo file.
  4. Move and resize your logo to fit on the page.

Where the Cascade logo is missing, there is a slightly different process.

  1. Head to the Modules section of the Cascade Menu.
  2. Enter the Maintenance Code of TGEP then click on Go. This unlocks the images in the Team Grid.
  3. In the Team Grid, add, edit or delete your logo taking care not to disturb the buttons on the screen.
  4. When you have finished, click on Refresh Page in the Team Grid to secure the page.

Labels / Lanyards

Adding a logo to the Labels is possible by inserting it on each of the individual labels. Unfortunately, it is not possible to replicate an image automatically.

Where the Theme names are Gallup’s IP, it is important to recognise this, so there is no confusion between Gallup and another company represented by a logo. Therefore at the footer of the label or lanyard, add the text. “CliftonStrengths® and the 34 theme names of CliftonStrengths® are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.”

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