How do I print a report?

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Most of the reports are ready to print directly from the tabs in Cascade.

Printing from the Report Page

Cascade print icon

The easiest way to print a report is with the printer button.

On some Mac computers, you may need to click on File, Print, then click on the Print button.

Several reports have five themes on each page, so depending on the number of themes chosen, the reports adjust to the right number of pages.

Tip: You could print the top 10 themes double sided on one piece of paper.

Printing from the Menu

Another way to print is from the Menu. Click on the printer button next to the report to print.

Print Preview

On Windows computers, setting the Print Preview to On will show you the report before it is sent to the printer. This is useful if you are not sure how the report will appear on the page.
When the Print Preview is set to Off, the report goes directly to the printer.

Unfortunately, the Print Preview feature is not compatible with Mac computers.

Printing reports for the Whole Team

The Bonus Pack allows the Whole Team option in the Menu. It is a quick way to produce individual reports for everyone in your workshop or team.

Note: The reports are produced for each person who is visible in the Team Grid. Make your selection in the Team Grid before creating reports for the Whole Team.