How do I print a report?

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Most of the reports are ready to print directly from the tabs in Cascade.

Printing from the Report Page

Click on File, Print, then click on the Print button. The page will adjust to the paper size in your printer, usually A4 or Letter.

On the Team tab, check the number of pages to print, it may default to more than necessary.

Centralised Printing

print Cascade strengths reports for a workshopAnother way to print is from the Select Names tab. In the yellow box, select the person from the drop-down list. On the right of the report name, click on the Print 1 button to print that report for the chosen person. This saves moving to the report tab to print out each report. It also means you can select a person and quickly print the reports you need.

The Bonus Pack reveals the option to Print All on the Select Name tab. It is a quick way to produce the reports for everyone in your workshop or team. Resorting to your default printer, it prints the report for each person shown on the Team tab.