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How do I print a report?

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Printing the Cascade strengths reports for your workshops or coaching sessions is made easy with the print buttons. Here we show you a few more options and features to help you get the most out of Cascade.

Printing from the Report Page

Cascade print icon printing

The easiest way to print a report is with the printer button which is at the top of each report page.

On some Mac computers, you may need to click on File, Print, then click on the Print button.

Printing from the Menu

Another way to print is from the Menu. Click on the printer button next to the report to print.

Print Preview

On Windows computers, setting the Print Preview to On will show you the report before it goes to the printer. It also lets you preview a PDF. This is useful if you are not sure how the report will appear on the page. When the Print Preview is set to Off, the report goes directly to the printer.

Unfortunately, the Print Preview feature is not compatible with Mac computers. You need to manually select File, Print to see the page layout.

Many of the reports for individuals have a few extra options.

Choose the number of themes to show. Most reports fit five themes per page so you can show 5, 10 or 15 themes and the number of pages will automatically adjust.

Paper Size – A4 or Letter

The reports in Cascade are designed to fit on both A4 and Letter (11 x 8.5) size paper. When receiving the Cascade file from Gallup, the default is Letter size. It possible in the Printer Settings to change the paper size. However, this needs to be performed for each report in Cascade.

To globally change the paper size in Cascade, head to the Modules section from the Menu. Enter the Maintenance Code of A4 or Letter, then click on the Go button. The process takes a few moments and will update each report for your chosen size of paper.

Tip: One advantage of the A4 setting is that you don’t need to stick to A4 paper. It can scale upwards to A3 or A2 for larger prints.

Combine Reports into One PDF

Cascade strengths reports save as PDF

There may be times when you want to combine reports for one person into a single PDF. This provides just one file to pass on to your client. It also makes it easier for your client as they have everything in a single document.

Cascade is designed to print one report at a time or one report for a whole team. However, it is possible with a little finger work to collate several reports for one person into a single PDF.

  1. Prepare the reports for the relevant person.
    Select their name in the Menu so the Individual reports adjust for that person.
  2. Click on the tab for the first report.
  3. Hold down Ctrl (Command on Mac) and click on the tabs for the other reports. This will highlight the chosen tabs.
  4. Use File, Save As, choose a folder and enter a filename. Set the Save as Type to be PDF, then click on Save.

The PDF file will then contain several pages for the reports you chose. A popular choice is to combine the Personal Insights, the Bring & Need and the My 34 reports for a person.

Tip: Some Mac computers have a feature where you can highlight several PDF files and choose to combine them into a single file.

When working with a large team, it may be easier to create separate reports for the whole team with the automated options in Cascade. See Print Reports for a Whole Team.

Need more Help?

If you need assistance contact Gallup Customer Support on Describe as best as possible what is happening along with any error messages. Screenshots showing the full error details are helpful.
For the quickest response, log in to Gallup Access and use the Chat feature. The telephone support is another way to quickly resolve an issue.

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