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Do you want to make the Cascade reports even more personal? Now you can add a Report Topping with your special text.

Add your chosen text for everyone, or special words for each person. For example, you can provide some context to the report showing at the top ‘As a Manager’, ‘As a Student’, As a Pastor’, or the name of the team ‘The Dream Team’.

How to create the Report Topping

There is a vast array of applications for the Repot Toppings. Choose the type of message you want to display.

Standard Text for everyone

You can add a short piece of text to the top of each individual report. Everyone sees the same text in their reports.

Cascade Bring Need heading

In the Settings part of the Cascade Menu, there is a section for the Report Topping.

Cascade team heading for reports
  1. Enter your text in the space for the Report Topping text. Be aware that a long sentence may get truncated on some of the reports.
  2. Select the Topping Type to Use the text above.
  3. Click on Apply Topping.

Custom Text for each person

You can show a different piece of text for each person. It could be their role or their position.

Cascade Strengths Advantage heading

Head to the Settings part of the Cascade Menu for the Report Topping.

  1. In the Settings part of the Cascade Menu, select the Topping Type Insert The Person’s Role from the Theme Table
    The Topping Text above will be ignored.
  2. Click on Apply Topping.
Insert role

3. In the Theme Table, click on the purple button View Extra Info which takes you to the extreme right hand side of the page.

4. Enter your custom text for each person in the column for the Role (column AS).

Cascade Theme Table roles

5. Click on the purple button View Themes to return back to the left of the page.

You can now view the individual reports to see the custom text for different people.

Standard and Custom Text

Combining both options above, you can add a prefix to the custom text. Simply placing ‘As a’ before the role name adds more meaning. For example, As a Manager.

Cascade My 34 themes heading
  1. Add your prefix in the box Enter Topping Text For example ‘As a’
  2. Select the Topping Type Use the text above + the Person’s Role
  3. Click on Apply Topping
  4. Make sure you have provided a role for each person in the Theme Table.
Cascade topping

When creating the reports, if there is no text for the Role the prefix is ignored, so your don’t see an orphaned ‘As a’ on the report.

Hide the Report Topping

To temporarily hide the Report Topping,

  1. Set the Topping Type to Hide the report Topping text
  2. Click on Apply Topping

How much text can I add?

You are not limited to a couple of words, you can add a short phrase. As standard, the maximum length of text for each of the reports are approximately;

Do check the reports so the text fits appropriately on the page. It is possible in the Report Topping areas of the reports to adjust the font size to make the text fit better.

Use your Imagination

Creating a space for additional text on the Cascade reports gives you the opportunity to make them special.

We like to hear how Strengths Coaches use the Cascade reports and you can share your experience in the Cascade Community Facebook Group.

Need More Help?

Support for Cascade is available from Gallup Customer Services at or via Chat in Access.

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