Cascade moves to Gallup Access

Gallup Cascade on Access

The Cascade reports for CliftonStrengths® are now on Gallup Access. Following the acquisition of Cascade from Releasing Strengths, Gallup is providing Cascade from their Access platform. Going forward, this will enable greater integration and better reporting for coaches and organisations.

Cascade is therefore no longer available from Releasing Strengths.

What is Cascade?

Cliftonstrengths coaching tools reports

Cascade is a downloadable file that creates reports for CliftonStrengths®. It runs in Excel and helps coaches prepare for workshops and coaching sessions.

Created by Releasing Strengths, where thousands of coaches across 70 countries benefited from the Cascade reports. More information about Cascade is available in this short video.

How can I get the new Gallup Cascade?

Cascade is available from the subscription levels of Gallup Access. Those with an Organization Subscription level, Cascade is only available for the Administrators to download. If you have a Manager role, you will need to contact your Access Administrator.

To learn more about Gallup Access and to compare the subscription levels, visit the Access product comparison page. The free version of Access – the entry level – does not include Cascade.

Cascade is now available as part of a subscription to Access.  Please contact Gallup directly for more information about the best option for you.

How to Download Gallup Cascade?

Gallup Cascade is downloadable from two different locations. One provides an empty Cascade file that you can populate with your clients or staff. The other comes pre-populated with a specific team. These will be available once you have your Gallup Access subscription account.

For an empty Cascade file, head to the CliftonStrengths section using the left menu. Then click on Resources from the top menu. Scrolling down, there is a section to Download Cascade.

Gallup Access Resources
Download Gallup Cascade

To download Cascade already populated with a team, head to the Teams tab. Select the team you want and find the section to Export to Cascade. After downloading Cascade, you can add your own contacts to the Cascade file.

So try out the new Gallup Cascade and get familiar with the download options.

Can’t see the download for Gallup Cascade?

If you can’t find the Cascade download, check that you are signed into Access with the email address you used when purchasing Cascade. (It may be your gmail address). For further help, contact the Gallup Support team.

What will happen to my previous copy of Cascade Personal or Cascade Professional?

Previous copies of Cascade Personal and Cascade Professional that you have in your possession will not change. This means that you can download the new version to try, without affecting your existing copy.

How is Gallup Cascade different from the original Cascade?

Cascade has taken on a slightly different name, it is simply called Gallup Cascade. Consequently, the Releasing Strengths branding is replaced by Gallup. There will be no more updates to the previous Cascade Professional and Cascade Personal products.

Under Releasing Strengths there were several modules you could to add to the standard Cascade product. Now with Gallup, you get everything!

Gallup Cascade includes the Bonus Pack, adding extra features and the Team Summary report. The capacity of Cascade is increased from the standard 500 to 2000 clients for all. And, everyone receives the extra language packs in French, Spanish and German.

In addition, only a few people had the Workbook Cover sheet. It lets you can create a cover page for a set of reports, with your own branding and the top 5 themes for the person. Now, everyone can create their coversheets.

The only aspect removed from Cascade is a worksheet in the Strengths Advantage area. The copyright permission from LeaderFactor for the use of their 4 Stages of Psychological Safety® model, did not transfer across to Gallup in the acquisition. Therefore the Strengths Advantage worksheet on Psychological Safety is not part of Gallup Cascade.

Previously, Cascade was a one-time fee with a small annual support maintenance. Now, it is part of the Gallup Access subscription package.

Where can I get help on Gallup Cascade?

We at Releasing Strengths love connecting with coaches to provide help and support, however, now it is best to contact Gallup directly. Richard Sterry is working closely with the Gallup Customer Support Team providing backup assistance.

Support articles and guides are still on the Releasing Strengths website for reference. Watch the Getting Started video to quickly grasp the Cascade concepts.

Gallup Customer Support Team

Watch a video clip on how to contact Gallup Support. Alternatively, email the Customer Support Team on with Gallup Cascade Inquiry in the subject line. This will direct your message to the Cascade specialists.

To get help on the different Cascade pages, click on the Cascade Menu option at the top of this screen, then choose a Cascade report.

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