Cascade is moving to a new home

Cascade moving to Gallup Access

We are delighted to announce that Gallup has acquired Cascade from Releasing Strengths. Cascade is moving the Gallup Access platform.

This exciting development is the culmination of a long-standing partnership between Gallup and Releasing Strengths, which has grown deeper over time. Both organizations share a similar vision to enhance the coaching community and advance the strengths movement.

Cascade will carry on seeking to be the most trusted, and engaging source for innovative strengths reporting on the market. Leveraging Gallup Access data and analytics it will be able to provide even better reporting materials for delivering coaching sessions and team workshops.

Richard Sterry, Cascade creator, will continue to be integral to Cascade’s operation. Richard will work closely with the Gallup development teams to expand the resources for the coaching community. He will also remain in close contact with the coaching community providing an avenue for feedback to Gallup. Collectively, this will enhance the services offered to coaches.

Richard Sterry certified Gallup strengths coach England UK

Richard says: “Since its early conception, Cascade has consistently provided coaches with practical tools for delivering coaching sessions and workshops. The Cascade Community currently includes several thousand members across 70 countries worldwide. It is now time to take Cascade to the next level, and with Gallup Access, more coaches can benefit from the Cascade reports and worksheets.

I am delighted to work closely with Gallup who have been incredibly helpful to find a way forward. Our increased collaboration will benefit the coaching community and the Strengths movement.”

Your Questions

More information will be available through Gallup’s communication channels.  A special Called To Coach podcast was recorded on Tuesday August 9th. In the meantime, here are the answers to some immediate questions.

Called To Coach Gallup and Cascade

Why is this happening?

Gallup is expanding their offerings for coaches, equipping them with the best coaching tools. The Cascade reports developed by Releasing Strengths has become a leading product in its field, providing valuable resources for coaches. Moving Cascade to Gallup Access will enable a wider audience to benefit from the tools created by Releasing Strengths. The closer alignment of Releasing Strengths and Gallup creates an opportunity to enhance the offerings available for coaches and organizations.

When will Cascade be available from Gallup?

Gallup Access

The Gallup development team will work with Releasing Strengths to make Cascade a download
from Gallup Access. It is expected to be available later this year.

Can I still purchase Cascade before it is available on Gallup Access?

Cascade coaching reports for CliftonStrengths

To provide continuity, Cascade was available from the Releasing Strengths during a short window before it was launched on the Gallup Access portal In October 2022.

Can I still use my existing copy of Cascade?

This new arrangement will not affect your current Cascade Personal and Cascade Professional products. However, future releases of Excel or your computer’s operating system, may impact the running of your version of Cascade.

Will there be any more updates to Cascade?

As Cascade is moving to Gallup Access, any future updates will only be available from the Gallup Access platform. There will be no further updates for Cascade Personal or Cascade Professional from Releasing Strengths.

How can I receive support for Cascade?

As Cascade is now available from Gallup Access, it is best to contact Gallup Customer Support at

If I was an existing Cascade user, what happens now?

Those with an active Cascade license on 20th July 2022 will receive a complimentary 1-year subscription to Gallup Access when it is launched. This includes those who purchased Cascade from July 2021 or the Cascade Support was renewed and is currently active. More details on the specifics of the timing, process, onboarding, etc will be available as we approach the launch of Cascade in Gallup Access later this year. Until then, it is business as normal.

More Information

Gallup Access

The source of information relating to CliftonStrengths® and Q12® is the premier workplace platform, Gallup Access.

Cascade Strengths reports

The Cascade Strengths reports enhance the Gallup reports for CliftonStrengths®. Thousands of coaches in over 70 countries benefit from the Cascade tool to deliver Strengths coaching.

Releasing Strengths

Releasing Strengths is based in the UK and was the first Licensed Partner with Gallup for a digital product in 2018. Owner, Richard Sterry, is a Gallup Certified Strengths coach who creates tools and resources for the coaching community. For ongoing news and updates from Releasing Strengths, sign up to receive the Newsletter or visit Strengths Resources.

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