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Visiting the Gallup at Work Summit in Omaha was a thoroughly positive and overwhelming experience. I had attended the in-person Summits before, but this time it was special. We hadn’t been able to meet in person during the pandemic. So at this year’s gathering, that starvation was more than satisfied. Seeing and talking to real people – in 3D – really added to the experience.

Jeremy Petrocini opened the Summit by saying ‘It is all about the people’. He was referring to the organisations we work with and in. And for me, I’d go one step further. It’s all about the people physically around us, and nothing can beat being able to sit, chat, pause and relax together in the same space. Yes, modern technology and virtual connections are invaluable – but when you truly see and understand someone in 3D and have a real conversation, the connection is so much deeper.

More recently, I was also delighted to meet up with coaches in London and restore connections with my European friends. As many of us continue to default to work from home, it’s great that these events are now happening again – and after so long without, our need for connecting in person feels even more necessary.

Is there a Strengths Community near you?

During the Gallup Summit, many coaches were trying to find others in their country, state or city, keen to arrange a meet-up. At Strengths Resources, we can help. Our Community section shows all the online and regional groups known to us. We’re continuing to add more groups, so please do contact us if you are part of a coaching community we can feature. Recent groups include those from Australia, New England, and Scotland.

Search out your local Strengths community, or find out How to Start a Strengths Group in Your Area.

News and Updates

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Strengths Merchandise for the UK

Previously we shared a few strengths-based products that are mainly available in the USA. Since then, we’ve been working with Joanie Muench from Strengths SWAG to pilot the delivery of her themed-based mugs to the UK. This is an exciting development, which will benefit coaches in the UK and Europe with local shipping costs.

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We’re regularly adding new articles to the Strengths Resources site and here are some of the recent additions:

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Strengths-Based Products

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