Releasing Strengths

Releasing Strengths serves two main purposes

For Coaches

Supporting strengths coaches with their business by providing time saving tools. There is so much information available about strengths, at Releasing Strengths we aim to present it in a clear and meaningful way. We also help to reduce the overhead of running a coaching business by creating a central location to manage the themes of all clients. The flagship tool is currently Cascade, enhancing the work of coaches worldwide.

For Individuals and Teams

Helping people understand who they are and how they can best approach a task, instils confidence and fulfilment. Identifying and appreciating what each person can contribute to the team, improves collaboration and the overall performance. Explore how a Strengths-Based approach can help make a difference.

team grid matrix gallup strengthsfinder releasing strengths theme domain cascade report table chart
Cascade Team Grid

Various coaching and workshop packages are available to suit your needs. Contact Richard Sterry for more information.

Those who know and use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged at work and have a three times better quality of life.

See the team in a new light with the Enhanced Team Grid in Cascade.

For Everyone

As a bit of fun, discover your Strengths Twin – someone with the same top 5 StrengthsFinder® themes. Register your themes today and we will contact your when we find a match. Strengths Twin Registration