Releasing Strengths to Maximise Performance

At Releasing Strengths we create additional resources for the CliftonStrengths ® (StrengthsFinder®) assessments.

For Strengths Coaches, we provide tools for you to create beautiful reports enhancing any workshop or coaching session. Our leading Cascade product is loved by thousands of coaches worldwide. It saves vast amounts of time and opens up new opportunities for coaching conversations.

For those who have discovered their CliftonStrengths ® top 5 themes, we provide a creative service to match others who share the same top 5 results. Our popular Strengths Twins program is connecting people every week as they start engaging conversations.

Announcement: Cascade is moving to a new home

Gallup has acquired Cascade to include in their Access platform.

Cascade Strengths Report for Coaches

Whether you want to create a Team Grid, a Name Tent or a special report for an individual, the Cascade strengths reports can help. After importing the CliftonStrengths® themes from Gallup Access, you have a host of reports and worksheets at your fingertips.

Preparing materials for workshops or coaching sessions can be very time-consuming. The Cascade strengths reports make it a breeze. It takes away all the hassle of personalising each handout and provides you with creative charts and reports to impress your clients.

The Cascade Community covers over 70 countries worldwide and continues to grow.

Discover how the Cascade strengths reports can help your coaching business or training department.

Thousands of coaches in organisations or as independent coaches benefit from the Cascade reports.

Cascade is the best investment a coach can make to enhance CliftonStrengths. The advanced reporting, deeper insights, team summaries etc will make you look like a Rock Star Coach. Quick, Easy and Professional. This is a tool you will not be able to live without.
Deon Rademeyer, Team Diagnostics, Sydney, Australia

Discover your Strengths Twin

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet someone who thinks the same way you do and who REALLY understands you? What would you ask them?

Following the CliftonStrengths ® assessment, we offer a free service to help you find someone who shares your top 5 themes.

Play to your Strengths

At Releasing Strengths, we help you discover how you are uniquely and wonderfully made. Building on your innate talents and using your strengths every day, we help you increase productivity, motivation and fulfilment.

gallup strengthsfinder assessment test book

A Strengths-Based approach enhances understanding of individuals and accelerates team collaboration. Forming powerful partnerships we can help you maximise opportunities for effectiveness.

We help clients release their strengths at work, at home and in their church.

See how discovering your strengths can transform the way you see yourself. Read more …

About Releasing Strengths

Official Gallup Licensed Partner with Cascade Strengths Reports

Releasing Strengths operates from the UK serving customers all over the world. We are one of a few Gallup Licensed Partners and play an active role in the global coaching community.

We pride ourselves in listening to the coaching community and delivering tools and services to help coaches spread the Strengths movement.

Richard Sterry Gallup Certified Strengths Coach coaching releasing strengths

Owner Richard Sterry is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach living in the South East of England.

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